LSA00: entrepreneurship 101

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In life, especially when you are soon to enter the job market as a graduate, there are often difficult choices you have to make regarding your choice of career and the number of options open to you. If you are however a graduate of any of the institutions in many of the countries in Africa, there is often a limited number of choices to make, as there are often very few employers and career options open to young graduates.

Often, graduates do not even consider self-employment as an option, thus do not even have this on their plates. This is a greatly missed opportunity for many graduates, especially in the current age of the internet and globalization. This is furthermore aggravated by the lack of preparedness of the graduates, owing partly to the curriculum of many institutions of learning. But things are slowly changing too, owing to the growing internet penetration in Africa and the fact that more and more young people are opening up to the option of entrepreneurship.

As with any profession, preparing yourself is very important. What qualifications do you need? What does it take to succeed in a career as an entrepreneur? Answering these questions can make the entry much easier. In this short course, we want to review our level of readiness for a career in entrepreneurship. So, let’s get started with discovering the entrepreneur in you.

Course outline

Introduction: The entrepreneur in you Who or what is an entrepreneur? Guide to: Understanding the entrepreneur Preview