Sasai – The WeChat of Africa?

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Sasai is a global super app, a multi-service technology platform that brings together digital payment solutions, on-demand services, instant messaging, and digital media services in a single, easy-to-use mobile application.


Sasai is created and owned by Cassava FinTech, a pan-African business using an integrated model to drive financial inclusion and digital transactions across the continent. Cassava is owned by Econet Group. Darlington T Mandivenga, from Zimbabwe, CEO of Sasai, has over 20 years of expansive telecom and fintech experience


The Sasai app was launched in August 2019 from Harare, Zimbabwe. It has been downloaded in more than 150 countries and has more than 50 African languages on its menu.


Sasai is one of the first apps that aims to be the one-stop shop for the user no matter what they need from ordering a taxi in real time or sending money. It is setting itself as a global super app such as WeChat in China. Africa may be ripe for a super app. With more than 50 countries, fragmentation has led to variations in financial systems, languages, economic inequities, and access to information across borders. A solution that can empower a user to solve their problems no matter who they are and where they are has the potential for huge success.


Will Cassava create a solution in Sasai that can truly and seamlessly deliver value across the continent with its fragmented systems mentioned above? The technical expertise and resources required will be mountainous. The company will have to balance building a strong foundation with crafting localized identities. Mr. Mandivenga’s experience, coupled with the reach and resources of the Econet Group can be a recipe for success. Sasai has been criticized for not delivering on certain features that were promised in 2019. Nevertheless, the company has unveiled flagship features it hopes will drive strong growth.


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